Thursday, January 04, 2007

So, this is Winter, and what have we done...?

Global News Ch. 3 reporter Jackson Proskow was out at my house in Brampton, Ontario early this evening with his camera crew, and did a short piece about my budding pussy-willows out front, as part of his series about our amazing 'winter'... The camera showed Jackson talking, with me beside him holding a small branch covered in buds ... The apple tree in my back garden also has tiny buds, my crocuses are pushing out of the soil, the grass is greening, and my neighbour's maple is coming back to life... I think some of the birds are returning early from their Southern winter havens, and many haven't even left... They think spring has arrived -- or fall has never left...

Today's Toronto Star has a good Opinion article by some of our top green activists who are calling on political leaders to turn Canada from a 'global laggard into a world leader' in 2007. They list numerous valid reasons for taking climate change very seriously, among them the recent predictions by NASA indicating that most ice in the Arctic will disappear in the next few decades! That's decades, not centuries as some sceptics like to think.

And this article: 2007 to be hottest year ever: Report ( - News)

Yet some meteorologists are content to say that our strange weather patterns are caused by an 'El Niño effect', and not global warming...

So this is winter in some parts of Canada and the U.S.!

CNN has this to say about it: (They are among the sceptics!)

So ... you call this winter?

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- Crocuses are pushing out of the ground in New Jersey. Ice fishing tournaments in Minnesota are being canceled for lack of ice. And golfers are hitting the links in Chicago in January.

Much of the Midwest and the East Coast are experiencing remarkably warm winter, with temperatures running 10 and 20 degrees higher than normal in many places.

...Read rest of article here.

My thought on this is that we have already passed the point of no return and our footprint has caused irreversible damage. But it is not too late to ACT NOW to lessen the impact. Failure to do so will have dire consequences to our life as we know it, and not in the distant future, but within our lifetime. We must DEMAND our politicans do more than pay lip service and make empty election promises they fail to keep. It is up to us, people of the world, to make a difference!

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