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Return of Bush and the F-Word in 2007

This is the second installment in Heather Wokusch's series on "Bush and the F-Word." The final installment will be out Monday.


Return of Bush and the F-Word in 2007

Restlessness and discontent are the first necessities of progress.
- Thomas A. Edison

The Bush administration’s overall record in 2006 was one of public manipulation for the benefit of crony capitalism and imperial overreach. How do we stop them in 2007?

The pessimistic view is that Bush has nothing left to lose anyway, so will crash and burn the country in the next two years, much as he did many business ventures in the past.

He’ll let the economy melt, and watch as Americans struggle to stay afloat. He’ll attack Iran, increase troop presence in the Middle East and bring back the draft. He’ll roll back more civil rights in the name of national security, and women’s rights in the name of God. He’ll pin all of the above on the Democrats come 2008.

Pessimistic? Yes.

Possible? Yes, because the Bush administration is far from incompetent. In just a few short years, it has started two wars, dramatically increased military and weapons spending, strongly centralized power within the executive branch, and decreased civil liberties. Dastardly, but no small record of achievement. This crew is on a mission that hasn’t been accomplished yet, and the next few years will be critical.

Part I of this article series, "Bush and the F-word in 2006: Police State or Progressivism in 2007? " looked at Bush's 2006 record under the framework of Laurence Britt’s 14 points of fascism. We continue here with points 9-12:

.... Read full article here.

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