Saturday, December 16, 2006

Toronto: Solstice Prison Justice Vigil at the Don Jail, Dec. 21st

Solstice Prison Justice Vigil, Thurs., Dec. 21, 5-6:15 pm, Don Jail, Toronto

Please join us....

A Vigil for Families Whose Loved Ones are Detained during this Holiday Season

Solstice Candlelight Vigil
Don Jail (550 Gerrard St East)
Thursday, December 21, 2006, from 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm
Organized by Family and Friends of Gary Freeman and Toronto Action for
Social Change

Although this vigil is organized by the Family and Friends of Gary Freeman (who is fighting extradition to the U.S. for an incident dating back to Chicago, 1969), we recognize that the pain of separation from loved ones we experience is multiplied by the thousands every year in this country, where far too many people are unjustly incarcerated because although there is law, there is no justice.

Message from the family:

The Messianic Hope is the dream that resides within each of us that we may see in our lifetimes a world dominated by truth, justice and peace.

In the Middle East, a mere two millennia ago, it is believed this hope took human form in the birth of a child; and that this child grew up to embody truth, to proselytize for justice and ultimately to give his life that there may be peace on earth.

Whether he was allegorical or historical is not as important as whether or not we are able to be stirred to love as he was. This is true if we are a member of an organized religious faith, atheist or agnostic. We can all strive to embody truth and to proselytize for justice because we must stop the carnage of humans destroying humans and humans destroying the earth.

What a fantastic time of the year the holiday season has always been for the Coelho-Freeman family. Yet, what a painful time of the year it has been since 2004 when our father and husband was unjustly snatched from us and incarcerated on an extradition warrant from the United States of America.

The Family and Friends of Gary Freeman will mark the third holiday season that the family has been shattered. Please join them and Toronto Action for Social Change (TASC) in a procession of hope that Gary Freeman and others unjustly incarcerated will be released and that truth, justice and peace as embodied in the Messianic Hope will guide us through this holiday season.

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