Sunday, October 01, 2006

21st Century Manifesto

This is a manifesto for the 21st century on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday and the 100th anniversary of Sathyagraha:

Press Release: 2 October: On Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Day: Manifesto.

The Manifesto will be released on Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Day – 2 October 2006. It will be forwarded to the United Nations, Heads of State, and to leaders and preachers of political and religious ideologies.

No society, religion or country is free from violation of human rights. I think, therefore, the struggle is not exclusive for or against anyone people, region or religion or nation. We should focus on the life and liberty of on coming generations inclusive of all humanity. Karl Marx had said "Workers of the World Unite."

Now we say: Let all nations/ humans of the world unite.

You are requested to circulate the Manifesto among University colleagues, activists groups and national and international media.

Thanks for your support. Fraternal greetings and regards, Dhirendra

-------------------------------------------------------------------­ Dr. Dhirendra Sharma. Director, Centre for Science Policy Research, Nirmal-Nilay, Dehradun 248009. (0135) 2735 627.


---------------------------------------------------------------------The 21st Century Space Age Manifesto for Global Peace

We the concerned Scientists and Philosophers for Social Action hereby call upon the leaders and preachersof all faiths and religions, and Heads of all sovereign states to abide by the Declaration of Human Rights as enshrined by the United Nations.

Weapons of Mass Destruction and the suicidal bombers - both are equally destructive of human life and liberty. Please consider the millions homeless, and orphaned children turned destitute in every region due to the violent conflicts in the 21st century Space Age.

Whereas powerful countries with the Weapons of Mass Destruction and with technologically advanced military-industrial establishments have unleashed global violence threatening the life and liberties of entire human civilization; less powerful cultural, and religious chauvinists directly or indirectly are involved in the war of attrition against " the other" human beings.

An Indian school girl asked Dr. Abdul Kalam:

"Are you a Muslim, Tamilian, Indian, a Scientist, or the President of India?"

"I am a Human Being and that covers all others," replied the scientist sage President of India.

We, therefore, appeal to all nations, Heads of all faiths, and Religions, the leaders of all states and countries, to "Remember your Humanity and forget the rest."

Mahatma Gandhi said: "If you follow the rule ‘Eye for an Eye’ - the entire world will become blind". And the Bible says: "Let him throw the first stone who is not guilty". No race, religion, or country, caste, class or creed is free from wrong doings against its own and “the other” humans. There are no innocent followers of any Faith or culture that have not violated human rights of meek and the weak. Nonetheless, there is nothing so precious as human life, and peace and security is necessary for the survival of our civilization.

We call upon you to condemn violence - all violence, committed by any race, state, or the religious followers; and remember that advances in Life Sciences have given us the knowledge of matching the Blood Group necessary for human life, not your exclusive cultural identity of race, region or religion.

We especially call upon Religious Heads of all Faiths to declare that killing of human being is not sanctioned by any divine Commandment. We specially call upon all the extremist leaders and custodians of the fanatic politico- religious organisations around the world to give up the tactics of the suicidal bombing.

And follow the Gandhian path of non-violent resistance to unjust politics.

Sponsoring Signatories include:

Prof. Noam Chomsky ( Philosopher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA);

Prof. Sal Restivo ( Editor-in-Chief: Science,Technology and Society Encyclopaedia, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y. USA);

Prof. Gajendra Singh, ( Vice-Chancellor, Doon University, Dehradun, India).

Rt. Hon. Tony Benn ( Socialist leader and former Cabinet Minister, UK).

Dr. (Ms) Indoo Pandey Khanduri (Philosopher, Garhwal University, Srinagar-Garhwal,India).

Dr. Robert Macfarlane ( Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, is author, Mountains of the Mind.)

Prof. Johnjoe McFadden ( Prof. of Molecular Genetics, University of Surrey, UK).

Prof. Hugo D. Estrella (South American Peace Research, International Network of Engineers and Scientists, Cordoba, Argentina).

Dr. N. Natarajan, (Aeronautics Scientist,.and former Vice-Chancellor of Garhwal University, is Air Vice-Marshal (retd.) India).

Dr. Balwant Bhaneja, ( Former Canadian Science Counsellor in Bonn, and London, is Senior Fellow for Science Policy and Pugwash Group at the Ottawa University, Canada).

Prof. Brian Martin (Science, Technology and Society, University of Wollongong and International Director of Whistleblowers Australia).

Mr. Aloke B. Lal ( Public Administration Scientist, and Arts Critic and Painter,is Currently, Additional Director-General of Police, Uttaranchal State, India).

Dr. Dhirendra Sharma ( Director, Centre for Science Policy Research, Dehradun, India).


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