Monday, September 25, 2006

MNN: French & English Colonists...

This is the latest unedited opinion piece of the outspoken Kahentinetha Horn, MNN Mohawk Nation News. As always, Ms. Horn does not mince words:


MNN. Sept. 22, 2006. Is someone who is using Quebec on the verge of taking over Ontario and Canada? Once upon a time the Ontario Provincial Police used to be mostly Anglo-Canadians. Along came the policy of “bilingualism”. Today for Ontario cops to advance they have to speak both English and French. Consequently, the higher ups in the OPP are now “bilinguals”, many of them French.

Let's go back a little. Champlain mounted three campaigns to kill us all, in 1609, 1614 and 1618. They wiped out 30 of our villages in the last campaign. Mohawks and other Iroquois have always been in key positions to protect Turtle Island from the invaders. Mohawks saved Canada and Ontario many times.

These English-French grudges go back a long way. Historically the French have a deep animosity for the Iroquois/Mohawks. Why? We defeated France in the 92-year war from 1609 to 1701, when they finally sued for peace. We won the land from the Hurons in the Huron-Iroquois war from 1645 to 1649. Britain was never in Ontario before until we invited them after the Nanfan Treaty of 1701 between us and the Hurons. We made peace with France and England. The British agreed to live with us according to the Guswentha/Two Row Wampum.

The French never forgot any of this. Even though they greeted us first with gunfire, the never could understand why we wanted them off our land.

The 1960’s was the beginning of the separatist movement in Quebec. Pierre Trudeau was the Prime Minister and Jean Chretien was the Minister of Indian Affairs.

They set up a Commission of Inquiry into “Bilingualism and Biculturalism” in Canada. We Mohawks of Kahnawake were the only Indigenous People to make a submission. When the report came out, they declared that Indians were not part of the Canadian “mosaic” and so our points were not included in the final report. However, the recommendations to turn Canada into a bilingual country have been steadily implemented since then.

Then Trudeau and Chretien tried to enact the “1969 White Paper” to legislate Indians out of existence. This was the first draft of what is known today as the First Nations Governance Act.

The Anglo-Saxon–French war continues. The Iroquois/Mohawks always took the middle ground. We had the balance of power. It would seem we may do so again. Ontario has come under the control of the “bilinguals” (French). The English won’t defend themselves. They constantly double-cross us. They appease the French over and over again. They’re getting hit now because they want to be “politically correct” (or stupid or cowardly).

In the 1970’s Quebec had become a faschist society working towards spreading their message of French nationalism across the country.

In 1973 I went to work in Indian Affairs in Ottawa. At that time Indian Affairs was on Kent Street in Ottawa. In 1978 a new building was specially built for Indian Affairs across the river in Hull Quebec. That’s when the “war room” was established by the Canadian military. This was handy because they were able to set up a network of Indian communities through which they could transfer funds and people to gather information throughout Canada.

For the past twenty years many band councils could have been used to siphon money to their secret agents by taking over the financial management of various Indigenous communities. Once the outside management company takes over, there is no way for us to find out what’s happening to our funds or even how much is coming in. This happened in Piegan, Burnt Church, Kanehsatake and many others. In Kanehsatake Indian Affairs stole a corporation, put their Indian nominees in place and then passed millions of dollars through this corporation. This was done without the knowledge of the people. In the land claim the law firm of Heenan and Blaikie of Montreal represents all three sides, Kanehsatake, the Sulpiciens and Indian Affairs. Is this conflict of interest or what?

There appears to be an organized network set up across the country coming out of Indian Affairs. Today Indian Status cards are being given out to non-native people by the government like it was Halloween night. They can travel throughout Canada and to the United States without hindrance to do their espionage work. Could the Quebec centered faschists be using Indigenous people without our knowledge? Are they organizing to make us react so they can take over more aspects of our lives in order to carry out their agenda?

500 Indigenous women have disappeared over the last 20 years. Why have they not been investigated? Is it because the police may be involved? Eventually there will be a public inquiry. Which police forces will be discredited with officers to be replaced by the right people who are part of the “program”?

There have been many commissions of inquiry into matters connected to Indigenous people. However, other issues have been intertwined with our issues in a strange way to create major changes in the political landscape of Canada. Most of them involve our land and police issues.

In the 1980’s and 90’s Quebec organized against the Mohawks. The only time the Canadian army has been sent in to Indigenous communities in modern times is against the three Mohawk communities of Kanehsatake, Kahnawake and Akwesasne. In 1990 the Quebec Police SQ gave guns to the anti’s of Akwesasne to kill off the warriors? They ended up killing one of their own, Cpl. Marcel Lemay, to cover up this scandal.

In 1988 well known Indigenous leader, J.J. Harper, was shot dead at point blank by a Winnipeg policeman. An inquest ensued finding the police department rife with racism.

In 2003 there was a commission of inquiry into the Saskatoon police because of their practice of dumping Indigenous boys on the outskirts of town to freeze to death. A new police chief was put in who got along with Indigenous people and then got dumped.

In 1993 the elite Canadian Airborne Regiment stationed in Edmonton went to Somalia. Some torture and murders were committed by some of the soldiers. In the end two Indigenous soldiers, Brown and Matchee, were blamed. There was a public inquiry. As a result the regiment was disbanded. Two “Indians” were used to do it. Now there’s no more English presence to defend the Anglo-Saxon interests from whomever. Just lately there was an aborted coup in Thailand. It was years in the planning with infiltration in the government and taking over certain segments of the military.

The OPP have long mistreated Indigenous people throughout the province. In 1995 they attacked the unarmed Stoney Point people at Ipperwash and killed Dudley George. There was a commission of inquiry which did much to discredit the OPP. Still nothing gets better for us. The land claims remain unresolved.

Today, the requirement for bilingual employees in high positions has placed French Canadians at the head of many federal government departments and institutions in Canada. They have been put in positions of power everywhere so they can carry out their “unsavoury” agenda. We are noticing that they often use Indigenous people to attack their English-Canadian adversaries.

The 17th floor of Indian affairs was bombed on September 17th 2006 had to be an inside job. Were they destroying the war room and everything in it? They certainly don’t want questions about it to come up in the House of Commons. In the 1970’s the FLQ used the same methods, killings and bombings. This created fear and insecurity among the public allowing martial law to be implemented.

The gunman who shot 20 students at Dawson College in Montreal on September 13th 2006 was described as sporting a “Mohawk” haircut. It was not! He was shaved on the sides and back with a tuft of hair on top. Then the Journal de Montreal newspaper mentioned that though his guns were legal and registered, anyone can get these kinds of automatic and semi-automatic weapons by going over to Kahnawake and buying them from the Mohawks. This is completely untrue!

These inflammatory lies are meant to eliminate the Iroquois/Mohawks who have been allies of the British. We are constantly under siege because we stand up and defend ourselves against tyranny.

Now the “Caledonia Wake Up Call” is organizing to bring in 20,000 people on October 15th for an attack on the Six Nations people at the land we’ve reclaimed. The police do not want to be responsible for the blood that is going to be spilt. So someone hires agents to cause civil disruptions in Canada to justify bringing in the military.

Elements in the police forces often use stoolies, informants and wierdos when they want to do something outside the law. Sometimes this turns into chaos and responsibility is put onto the heads of the police forces. They are then replaced by those who are more amenable to “the plan”. We are being used as one of the main reasons why they have to bring in the heavy hand of the armed forces so they can go further and impose martial law against all Canadians.

The agents de provocateurs infiltrate these state sponsored terrorist organizations or just go out onto the streets to pick up the kind of people they need for their operation. It’s easy for them to lay claim to such marginalized kids. They indoctrinate them, stir them up, put weapons in their hands and then let them go for it. The handlers drive them, feed them, give them accommodations, drugs and whatever they want, plus a small stipend. They’re told, “Go there and bash heads”. “You’ll have a good time”. “If you get arrested, we’ll get you released. Don’t worry about it”. “Those Indians are all terrorists”. If any goons get hurt, they’re looked after.

The organizers have to make sure that the television reporters and cameras are all set up. Public relations firms have to spin the right story in advance. They need phones, signs, placards, megaphones to stir the pot and walkie talkies so they can talk to each other to make sure everything is done right. It’s all-out genocide, that’s what it is! When the riot ensues between the Indigenous people and the wierdos, the police will come in, take over and arrest the Indians. Has anyone ever wondered why none of the hotheads at Caledonia have ever been arrested or even been charged?

How much does such a spectacle cost? If 400 rioters are brought in, it’s at least $100 per day for 3 days per person, salaries for the organizers, chartered buses, pepper spray, baseball bats, guns, weapons of all types, signs and other miscellaneous items. For a well-organized operation to set up Indigenous people as unruly in need of being arrested would cost maybe $500,000 or more. Of course, with all their cover-up billing like the recent sponsorship scandal, it’s probably more like several millions. It’s probably worth it if attacking Indians can be used as a precursor to declaring martial law against Canadian citizens.

In effect the result of the sponsorship scandal is that there is now a freeze against any kind of criticism of the separatists and the French nationalists.

In the Six Nations Haldimand Tract issue, the Conservative party is pushing for an attack. They want the Liberals who are in power to do the dirty job and get into trouble like their leader, Mike Harris, did over the embarrassing Ipperwash affair. The NDP don’t care because their votes don’t come from the Indigenous people. It comes from the inner-city people in Toronto.

Part of the tactic is to get more control over the police. However, the current police forces have to be discredited first so that a new hierarchy can be set in place to the liking of whomever.

We don’t know whose doing it.

September 21st 2006 the Australian high court confirmed in English common law that the Indigenous people own all the land that colonial governments have imposed themselves upon. Canada and the United States, also a former colony, have the same basic laws. We’ve been saying this all along. Is this what’s creating all this concern? Hey, French and English, it’s all our land. So stop fighting over it.

Kahentinetha Horn

MNN Mohawk Nation News

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:44 PM  

Now the “Caledonia Wake Up Call” is organizing to bring in 20,000 people on October 15th for an attack on the Six Nations people at the land we’ve reclaimed.

The Mohawks should steal their thunder by turning it into a Mohawk cultural event. While the Caledonia Wake Up idiots are busy shrieking, the Mohawks could be displaying traditional dances, singing traditional songs, telling historical stories about themselves and giving speeches on their history, accomplishments and concerns. The media would eat it up and it would make the Caledonia Wake Up idiots look even dumber than normal.

By Blogger Robert McClelland, at 6:44 PM  

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:59 PM  

A great idea, Robert McClelland. I'll pass on your comment.

By Blogger Annamarie, at 10:07 PM  

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