Sunday, September 17, 2006

Let Rawad Stay - Please Distribute Widely - Immediate Action Required

Rawad is a 21 year old student of Lebanese descent who has been living in Canada for the past five years. He has been denied permission to attend post secondary school and was asked to leave the country immediately. His village in south Lebanon was
bombed to rubble this summer. His aunts in Beirut are struggling to survive since their apartment buildings were bombed as well. If Rawad returns to Lebanon, it will be to a hopeless situation.

As a student at Jarvis Collegiate, Toronto, Rawad was an outstanding leader where he helped raise huge amounts of money for the United Way and AIDS in Africa. He is a young man who has much to contribute to Canadian society.

For more on Rawad's story you can visit the site at There is a form letter on "How to help" page that you can send to the Immigration Minister.

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