Sunday, September 10, 2006

CCR and Maher Arar on Discovery Channel Sunday, September 10th!

This Sunday, the American civil rights organization, Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) Staff Attorney Gitanjali Gutierrez--part of the CCR team that represents detainees and co-ordinates the defense work of the 500 volunteer attorneys participating in their Guantánamo Justice Project--will appear in the first of Ted Koppel’s new series of documentaries for the Discovery Channel. The program will also prominently feature CCR client Maher Arar, a Syrian-Canadian who was rendered by the US government to Syria, where he was tortured for nearly a year before being released and allowed to return home. The Price of Security will consider just how much of our liberty we are willing to give up in the name of security and whether we are actually safer as a result.


The Center for Constitutional Rights and their client Maher Arar (a victim of “extraordinary rendition,” the government’s policy of outsourcing torture) will be featured prominently in The Price of Security, Ted Koppel’s premiere documentary on the Discovery Channel!


Sunday, 10 September, 8:00pm ET/PT

Following the documentary, the Discovery Channel will air a live Town Hall meeting hosted by Koppel and featuring, among other guests, CCR President Michael Ratner.

The Town Hall meeting promises to be an exceptional discussion of how to protect American civil liberties against the extreme measures taken by the Bush administration. Koppel will be accepting questions online for the discussion. You are encouraged to help shape this debate by submitting your question or comment to Please be as succinct as possible, and make sure to include your name and location.

So remember to watch CCR on the Discovery Channel this Sunday!

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