Thursday, August 03, 2006

VIGIL and PEACE RALLY in Hamilton this Friday!


Friday, August 4th, 7:00 p.m.
Inside Hamilton City Hall
For the victims at Qana in Lebanon

How can we allow this to go on?

A vigil for the Qana Massacre and a rally will be held calling on all elected representatives in the Hamilton area to endorse an immediate ceasefire.

Please join us Friday to add to the growing number of Canadians asking their government to join the overwhelming majority of the world in calling for peace.

The November 16 Coalition, the Muslim Association of Hamilton, the Hamilton Islamic Centre, and others have drafted some additional proposals to discuss with the federal government, including endorsing the Canadian Arab Federation and New Democratic Party's call for an immediate recall of Parliament for an emergency debate about the Lebanese situation. They are also calling for an end to the Harper-Bush war agenda, the end of the boycott of Al-Jazeera by the CRTC, the immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon and Palestine, re-instating aid to the Palestinian Authority, and immediate assistance for the reconstruction of Lebanon.

Come out and support the just cause of peace!

Friday, August 4
7:00 pm
Council Chambers,
Hamilton City Hall

Participants in this rally include:

The Muslim Association of Hamilton
The November 16 Coalition
David Cohen, Peace Activist and former Dundas City Councillor
The Justice and Peace Commission of the Hamilton Diocese
Bill Ferguson, President of the Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council
The Hamilton District Labour Council
Hamilton Islamic Centre, 1510 Upper Gage
The Canadian Peace Alliance
The Canadian Arab Federation
The Niagara Coalition for Peace
Niagara Palestinian Association

Call Peter at (905)-902-2507 for more information

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