Monday, May 29, 2006

MNN 6 Nations: Canada's preferred solution - military!

This is today's (May 29) update from Kahentinetha Horn, Mohawk Nation News about the Six Nations land reclamation:


MNN. May 29th 2006. On May 28th one of the Six Nations spokespeople put out an update. It pointed out an ultimatum issued by the Ontario representative in the talks with Six Nations over the land reclamation. David Peterson told the Indigenous people, “Bring down your barricades, … [or else what!]" The Six Nations reclaimed our land on February 28th, 2006 by occupying and stopping the development of a housing project by Henco Industries.

Does it mean that the Canadian army will now come in? Mayor Marie Trainor of Caledonia has been calling for the army to come in to attack the oldest democracy on earth. What are we seeing here? Do Canadians really want this to happen?

Why is the army getting trained in urban warfare in Canadian cities? Are Canadian cities characterized by urban unrest? Is the Ontario Provincial Police OPP now getting paramilitary training? If so, when the army comes into a civilian area, they can work together. Are those with access to state arms in Canada working to strangle democracy? Is this why Marie Trainer and others have been appearing on the news lately asking for the army to come in? Are we being set up? Is Trainor representing the wishes of her constituents in this matter?

Instead of sitting down and talking with us about the theft of our land, the colonial state is bringing in fire power to complete their theft, so they think. Of course, they don’t think of it as theft. They don’t even seem to think of us as human beings. The corporate media plays out the Six Nations situation as if everyone is getting exasperated with the slowness of resolving the issue through democratic means. This issue is over 200 years old. The roads have been opened, there is an indefinite moratorium on the construction and nobody is being inconvenienced. Why the pressure tactics?

The media is making it appear that only the military can bring about the change they want, which is to shut the Indigenous people up about our legitimate land claims. Mainly so they don’t have to pay what they owe us over the past two centuries. There are about 60 towns and cities on the Haldimand Tract which have not paid their rents and leases to us.

Canada prefers a military solution to counter their illegality and to avoid living up to their lawful responsibilities and promises. They’ve been trying to set a stage where the Indigenous people are found to be in the wrong. So far this has not worked. Six Nations continues to gather more and more native and non-native support around the world.

In the meantime Canadian operatives are working on the violent route by stating or getting others to state that “democracy has become obsolete”. Are they doing this with the consent of the Canadian people? We don’t so. They say it is unfortunate that they have to bring in the troops “to put down the agitators”. Is it agitating to have to pay your rent to your landlords? There is now a planned convergence of the military and police in the interests of the corporate controlled colonial government. The OPP are becoming the “Special Black Ops” soldiers trained to discourage dissent and to suppress protests, if necessary, through violent means.

Provocation is a basic tactic. Part of the army’s training on urban terrain includes creating internal crises and then taking advantage of them quickly, just for practice. In Six Nations the OPP have been trying to provoke us to “take the first shot”. This happened in Los Angeles after Rodney King was beaten up by Los Angeles cops. The LAPD set fires through the city, making it look like the disaffected Black citizens were doing it. Eventually the organized chaos stretched for 32 miles, from Hollywood to Long Beach. The complaint by the citizens who had been set up was that law enforcement was “too slow”. This allowed more resources to be funneled towards the actual disturbers of the peace – the police provocateurs. The violence lasted 5 days, killing 54 and causing numerous injuries. This military and police operation was considered tremendously successful. They used a “scorched earth policy”, which is more American than apple pie, of burning and destroying the homes and businesses of their victims.

Throughout there was intelligence exchanged between police departments, local and city officials, emergency operations, FBI and ATF. These forces had the latest government-owned weaponry and communications equipment. The units remained on the streets for another month until May 29th.

Since the mid 1980’s US military strategists have tried to redefine military operations other than war to rationalize their expansion to public action that should be in decline now that acts of colonial aggression are illegal. These guys just don’t want to be retained. They are afraid of losing their jobs. The military also seems to attract emotionally unbalanced people who think they’re way is the only way and it’s okay to impose their beliefs on others by using force. It is to their benefit to increase application of their military “expertise” to a wide variety of operations. These guys are out of control. Honest democracy loving taxpayers everywhere are being suckered. These creeps trying to expand their list of situations where their military attack methodology can be applied feeds their cancerous mentality. Who’s behind it? Whoever has taken control of the government through the exclusion of the people.

One tactic is to criminalize as much of the behavior of more and more people. Laws are proliferating. Every time you turn around you’ve broken another obscure or new law. Right now the police in New York City are scrambling to find other sources of authority to arrest ordinary people.

Is it total war at home? The goal is to persuade ordinary folks that all this is necessary to condition our behavior. They want us to be zombie pacifists.

Peterson is using the “persuasive political approach”, which is a way to act politically, while using police and military support to solve a political problem. His advantage is the inequality of power between the heavily armed forces of the state and the unarmed Indigenous people. He knows that smaller players cannot hope to defeat the larger more modern power that does not hesitate to use military force.

Who is coordinating this operation? Is it the Department of Defense, federal, provincial and local law enforcement, intelligence and other institutions, as well as the Indian Affairs “war room”? We can be sure these covert operations are hidden. If the public really knew what these sick minds were up to, they would be alarmed.

So Peterson and his corporate masters are combining political-informational [control of corporate media]-economic and military means to make us knuckle under their will. Is this a war of attrition, a war of annihilation, or both? The psychological weapon is to keep calling us names like “terrorists” and “law breakers.”

If this is scary for our non-native readers, we have a word of comfort for you. We know with determination we can survive. We survived a century of being defined as non-human. We’re still here. We’re still struggling. We have a strong generation of children coming along. We are determined to make the world a decent place to live so that their children in their turn will be able to share equally in the earth’s bounty. How threatening is that?

Kahentinetha Horn

MNN Mohawk Nation News

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Seriously, is there any nutty press release you won't print?

By Blogger Mark Dowling, at 5:38 PM  

Thank God!!! There is at least one other person that thinks K. Horne's postings are nutty.

Unfortunately, though, when I begged people to reassure me that they didn't believe this stuff, they posted that they loved it and send it off to every other blog in the universe.

By Blogger localyokel, at 9:18 PM  

Please don't 'shoot the messenger'. I post all kinds of press releases, some you may like (or agree with), some you won't. Many people seem to like Ms. Horn's releases, so they get put up here.

Thank you for your comments. Whether or not you agree with me, they are read and appreciated. I welcome all viewpoints, however different from mine some of them may be. After all, that's what makes us think and question, doesn't it?

By Blogger Annamarie, at 11:33 PM  

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