Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bush's Propaganda

In today's email to me, Matthew Rotschild, editor of the The Progressive has this to say about Bush's latest propaganda speeches during the Memorial Day long week-end:

"Thank God the Memorial Day weekend is over. I couldn't stand another minute of Bush's propaganda.

On Saturday at West Point, he promised a long war in the Middle East and he peddled the fallacy of the Cold War analogy to terrorism, which I debunk on our website.

And then on Monday at Arlington National Cemetery, he talked about how "America has always gone to war reluctantly because we know the costs of war.” Reluctantly? Hardly. Bush was in haste for war in Iraq, as I try to point out in "The Horrors of Haditha".

And this review about the rest of The Progressive's post-Memorial Day offerings:

"Ruth Conniff also writes about the meaning of Haditha, a posting I hope you appreciate.

Finally, we've got an interview up on our website this week with, Mustafa Barghouthi, a member of the Palestinian parliament. Dr. Barghouthi, an advocate of nonviolence, is the founder of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society and a co-founder of the Palestinian National Initiative, an alternative both to Fatah and Hamas. If you listen to the interview, you'll get a perspective you rarely find in the American media.

I hope you enjoy our post-Memorial Day offerings."

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