Thursday, April 20, 2006

Six Nations: Talks to End Land Occupation Stall

Finally the MSM is reporting a bit about the stand-off at the Henco site outside of Caledonia. However, this is not the latest update, which I will be posting later today. For now, I will say that the OPP have moved in with tear gas, M16's, pepper spray and taser guns in the pre-dawn hours of this morning (5:55 am). You can also get some news from CHCH 11 Hamilton, Global News, CFRB 1010, and maybe some other news outlets.

This article is from the Toronto Star:
Talks to end land occupation stall
Apr. 19, 2006

CALEDONIA - Talks have broken down, but hope was still being held out Wednesday for a peaceful resolution to a seven-week-old native land occupation that threatens to divide this small southwestern Ontario community.

The dispute, which the more than two dozen Six Nations members involved prefer to call a "land reclamation," is beginning to chafe with residents of this bedroom community near Hamilton who say they're anxious to see it come to an end.

"It's creating a rift," said one local resident, who refused to give her name. "It has to end before it causes resentment."

On Feb. 28, a group of Six Nations members occupied a housing project known as Douglas Creek Estates, erecting tents, a teepee and a wooden building on a tract of land they claim was wrongfully taken from them by the federal government.

The blockade prevents access to a handful of homes that sit half-completed, barely visible at night beyond the glow of a bonfire. Next to the road sits a large portable sign, which reads, ``Oh Canada - your home on native land."

Read the entire Star article here.

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