Friday, August 26, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Welcomed Back to Camp Casey with 3,300 Roses



Cindy Sheehan Welcomed Back to Camp Casey With 3,300 Roses
Author: Working Assets
Published on August 26, 2005, 07:17

When the long distance and wireless company Working Assets offered to deliver roses to Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, it was surprised by the massive response from citizens eager to show their support. The mother of a soldier slain in Iraq has been the emotional anchor for a growing vigil less than one mile from President and Mrs. Bush's Crawford compound.

Within hours of posting the opportunity online, over 3,300 people took advantage of the company's offer to deliver a rose to Camp Casey for anyone who contributed $3. The roses will be delivered to Crawford on Saturday, August 27.

"Our hearts go out to Cindy Sheehan," said Michael Kieschnick, President of Working Assets. "For those of us who can't travel to Crawford, we wanted to offer a visible way to stand with Cindy Sheehan and the Gold Star Families For Peace."

The roses will be placed on the over 1,800 white crosses at Camp Casey, with help from the citizen action group, Code Pink.

Visitors to can purchase one rose for $3. Any contribution above the $3 amount supports the efforts of the nonprofit organization Code Pink on behalf of Cindy Sheehan and Camp Casey.

Working Assets is a co-founder of the Leave My Child Alone coalition, which helps parents protect their children from unwanted military recruiting. The coalition has helped thousands of parents remove their children from the lists high schools turn over to military recruiters. Cindy Sheehan is featured in a powerful 11-minute film created by Working Assets and Mainstreet Moms to increase awareness about military recruiting in our schools. For more information and to view the film online, visit

Established in 1985, Working Assets helps busy people make a difference in the world through everyday activities like talking on the phone. To date, over $47 million has been raised for progressive causes. For more information about Working Assets, visit

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*** NOTE: After I had posted this article, I went to the Working Assets site:, where the latest updated figures are 4,500 roses for Cindy. That should not deter anyone from sending more, as they will be delivered the following days. So please send a rose to Cindy as a show of solidarity! Thank you and God bless. ---- Annamarie

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